"Firm Offer of Credit"

We use several strategies including a “Firm Offer Of Credit” that is in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, as well as an “Invitation To Apply” format that allows more flexibility.

We acquire credit-screened names only a bank can access and are never available directly to a dealership.

We provide the data using our proprietary confidential screening selections, or to your specific request.

These mailer designs have been approved for all required Federal disclosures and legal sourcing of credit sensitive data attributes for the mail list.

The design includes translation in Spanish including full Federal disclosures in Spanish on reverse side.

Our Premier piece is produced in four color, near photo quality, offset letterpress, custom printed to order. This allows individual personalization specific to your company, as well as the ability to include any “co-op” requirements. The Premier piece includes custom printed, individually stamped, envelope with a “teaser” in English and Spanish.

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